Shallot Yogurt Dip

The Consortium for Making Yogurt Dangerously Delicious

Yes, it’s an actual consortium.  I started it as an excuse to convince myself that anything that I put greek yogurt on is immediately transformed into food that is healthy and restorative.  I’m about to test my theory on a gyro platter with extra french fries.

This recipe is for days when tzatziki is far too great a challenge for you.  Not that tzatziki is all that hard to make, but when I have even less in the fridge than I need for that, I turn to this shallot yogurt. Worst case scenario, I’ll used dried mint and *cringe* dried parsley to make it happen and never look back. If you DO have fresh mint and parsley, though, this one is beyond a delight, providing refreshing coolness to whatever you deign to serve with it.

Shallot Yogurt Dip

2 c. of greek yogurt
2 tbs. of olive oil
1 shallot
1 sprig of mint, leaves removed and minced
2 sprigs of parsley, leaves removed and minced
pinch of white pepper
salt and pepper to taste

Mix all ingredients well and let sit for 5 minutes for flavors to develop. Serve.