About this Site

Formerly “Adesina’s Kitchen”, my baby of a food blog since early 2010, SPICE OR DIE began as a way for me to take what started as a plaything and have it encompass all that was my food obsession. It continues to be a place where I can rant and gush and wax on poetically, but also give props to all of the folks out in the blogosphere that keep my burners hot. Here’s how it works:

The Recipes
The majority of this site is comprised of the recipes that I write, cook, shoot and share. I tend to make food that is salty, spicy, subversive and scandalous.
Lighten Up
Because I have a whole lot more mischief to get into before I’m a golden girl, I started rewriting some of my more dangerous dishes in a sleeker format. Sure, they’re wholesome, but they’re still seductive as hell.
The Soundtrack
The daughter of a bluesman, I’m an out-and-out music junkie. When I have the wherewithal to remember what I’m listening to in the kitchen while I’m cooking a particular recipe, I post it here for you to rock out.
Fabulous Foodies
Occasionally I have my fabulous foodie friends cook with me in the form of a guest post or interview. I also give shoutouts to other food blogs out there who inspire me to get a lil’ taste of something new.
Truth or Dare
Once a month, I strap on my apron and whip up some majesty by tackling a challenge proffered by The Daring Kitchen. These are rarely my original recipes, but almost always come out spectacular.
Social Me
Just like Linda Richman, I like a good bit of coffee talk, with white truffles getting me verklempt instead of Barbara Streisand. If you like to dish as well, hit me up here, or any of these familiar hotspots below:

What else? The photos are all taken with my trusty Canon Rebel EOS right before serving the dishes to whomever is close by and hungry.  It’s an expression of another passion of mine – photography.  Learn more about my non-cooking adventures here on my design website. Oh, and did I mention that I’m so happy you’re here?  Because I totally am.

Foodie for Life—Delicious to Death