¡Cinco de Mayo!

Let’s Hit It Like a Goddamn Pinata

So two tidbits for you before we get to our Cinco de Mayo recipe celebration, both of which you may know already.  First, the holiday we know as Cinco de Mayo, is kind of a made up holiday.  Unless you are from the Puebla region of Mexico and really despise French occupation, your true celebration of Mexican independence actually occurs on September 16th. So yes (¡Claro que sí!), that nacho orgy that you hold yearly has no historical relevance to the 5th of May.

Second, made up holiday or no, I could give two shits.  I never need an excuse to celebrate marvelous Mexico and its glorious culinary history that I choose to revel in at a glutton’s pace – you can find me cracked out in a corner with queso fundido running down my chin and I’d claim not a lick of shame.  Plus, any time tequila gets to be the star of the show, you can set your watch and wait as I seek out a table to use as a platform for straight-up shakin’ it.  And don’t act like you don’t want in on this dirty dancin’ debauchery, fueled by chili de arbol salsa and a lack of regrets.

I guess this is a bigger lesson, and one that I try to infuse into every post here at Spice or Die – if you want to shake your maracas at the world every single day, do it.  Shake em’ like no one is watching and don’t wait for an invitation.  This life is too short to spend your time not celebrating the goodness abounding.  Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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