Bistro Menu for Beginners

Just like those cheesy radio ads for ‘bama night clubs on the late-night R&B stations, this menu is for the “grown and sexy…” *giggle* Actually, kidding aside, it’s for anyone looking for a romantic meal with a heavy wow factor and very little actual labor involved.  The kind of dinner you want to throw together when your anniversary falls on a weeknight and you can’t jet your loved one off to Paris mid-week.  Or if you’re looking to treat a foodie friend to something impressive, but are a little nervous wielding a knife in front of them.  This menu is as confident as you’ll be puttering around the kitchen, attending to perfectly seasoned dishes for the steamiest of affairs.  And it’s up to you whether you choose to play Coltrane or Chaka Khan in the background – that’s for you and your date du jour to figure out.

You can prep this meal ahead of time if you want to make it even more forgiving (if that’s even possible). Make your quiche ahead of time, prep all the ingredients for the mussels, make the croutons for the salad and chop the strawberries and mint.  That way, you’ll free up a couple more minutes for canoodling or sweet dance moves, whatever you prefer on date night.  Pescatarians can also enjoy this feast by opting for the Quiche Florentine and replacing the steak with this toothsome recipe for Grilled Swordfish with Lemon and Rosemary.  All the romance without the red meat.
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