Gorgeous Greek Feast

Please don’t attempt this feast with a small group – you’ll be full to the point of explosion, outdone by the amount of leftovers, and without room for even the mere thought of dessert. That all being said, break out that naughty and nice list of yours, and start calling the sweeties, because this is a menu that serves as a celebration in and of itself. I love this lineup of hearty greek dishes in that they are easy to prepare and keep well if you want to make everything ahead of time. In addition, the menu is weighted towards the vegetarian options (only the pastitsio and dolmades have meat, and both can be made without), thereby pleasing crowds of all appetites and dietary restrictions.

Mixed Greens with Gorgeous Greek Dressing

For the gorgeous greek dressing, you’ll want to whip up a simple greek salad to go with it. Start with a bed of romaine, iceburg and red leaf lettuce. Top with halved cherry tomatoes, thinly sliced red onion, rounds of cool cucumber and purple kalamata olives. Crumble some salty feta on top and serve with the dressing.

Baklava Sundaes

As for dessert, if you are short on time (or not interested in baking), pick up a baklava (or baklava bites) from your local grocery or greek market. Crush a few pieces of baklava with a fork and top with a scoop of haagen daas vanilla ice cream (or other rich vanilla brand). Top with a little honey and a pinch of ground cloves.

Whatever you decide to do, and whomever you choose to invite, make sure ouzo is invited to the party as well, and that you have a stack of old plates ready to throw in celebration of the perfect feast. OPA!