Turkey Panini with Brie and Fig Jam

When the Earl of Sandwich ordered his servant to bring him a bit of meat tucked into slices of bread so as to prevent his playing cards from getting greasy, he started a chain reaction that has left me a happy duck.  If I were to live my life eating soup and sandwiches from now until the very end time, I’d be absolutely fine with it all.  Chicken soup and turkey sandwiches along could keep me pleased as punch with enough variety to keep things interesting.

Turkey Panini with Brie and Fig Jam © Spice or Die

This particular sandwich is a toasty, melty combination of creamy brie, peppery arugula and sweet fig jam.  Turkey and salty prosciutto serve as the proteins of choice in this heavenly griddled sandwich.  The entire thing hits your taste buds on all fronts, impressing way more than an ordinary grilled cheese.

Turkey Panini with Brie and Fig Jam

multigrain bread
herb-roasted turkey slices
slices of brie
prosciutto slices
handful of fresh arugula
fig jam
softened butter

Butter two slices of multigrain bread.  Top one slice with some brie, turkey, prosciutto, arugula and some more brie.  Spread a bit of fig jam on the non-buttered side of the second slice of bread and top the sandwich, fig side down.  Toast in a warm skillet over medium-low heat until browned on both sides and melted in the middle, about 5 minutes for each side.  Cut in half and serve.